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Puppy Power

Puppy Power

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Puppy Power

by aliciav24 on 3/4/2009 at 10:58 AM in First Post

I actually started a blog already but have provided the link. It's updated weekly. I'm a first time dog owner. I've owned cats when I was a kid and have two lovebirds but I've never had a dog before Chloe. She's brought so much love and happiness in our lives and I wanted to share with other dog lovers, owners, and everyone just how wonderful she is. She's a purebred American Pit Bull. She's going to be pretty big when she gets older because she's what's considered a "bully Pit Bull." I want everyone to know that these dogs are not harmful to people. People are harmful to people and it's the owner's fault if their dog attacks humans. I want everyone to know that she is a loving dog and I want to show that if you raise a dog right, they will grow up to be loving companions no matter what their breed is.
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I am totally in agreement with EVERYTHING you have said; Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisp;erer, would also agree that sczlled agressive breeds DO NOT start life as aggressive dogs; misguided owners MAKE these breeds such as the American Staffordshire :Pit Bull Terrier, into mean dogs through abusive training methods, it is NOT the dog's fault at all, so moreower to you and Chloe and GOD bles you BOTH From Ben, my towo and az half poud Chihuahua and Angie
AngieMStarks on 3/20/2009 at 10:03 PM

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