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Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea in Dogs

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Diarrhea in Dogs

by Dogo on 8/18/2010 at 3:51 PM in Best Post

Diarrhea is a sign of intestinal disease in dogs just as in humans. Eating inappropriate food is one of the main causes of diarrhea. There are also worms, bacterial infections, viral infections, and parasites causing diarrhea in dogs. Many dog owners feel frustrated because what's good for them might not necessarily be good for their pets. When a diarrhea is severe you might need a solution from the vet. Your dog will lose lots of fluids & therefore dehydration is inevitable. In any case, better safe than sorry. Contact your vet immediately if your dog has diarrhea. In young puppies diarrhea most of the times is caused by viruses and parasites. Diarrhea can dehydrate older dogs as well. Do not fast any puppy younger than 7 weeks but contact your vet immediately. Since diarrhea is not a disease but a symptom, many times other symptoms such as vomiting, fever*, and loss of appetite accompany it. Any cheap brand dogs' food may cause diarrhea. Also, some dogs have lactose intolerance or simply have a reaction to spicy food.

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