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Purebred Dog Blogs

Purebred Dog Blogs

Purebred Dog Blogs

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Puppy Power

by aliciav24 on 3/4/2009 at 10:58 AM in First Post

I actually started a blog already but have provided the link. It's updated weekly. I'm a first time dog owner. I've owned cats when I was a kid and have two lovebirds but I've never had a dog before Chloe. She's brought so much love and happiness in our lives and I wanted to share with other dog lovers, owners, and everyone just how wonderful she is. She's a purebred American Pit Bull. She's going to be pretty big when she gets older because she's what's considered a "bully Pit Bull." I want everyone to know that these dogs are not harmful to people. People are harmful to people and it's the owner's fault if their dog attacks humans. I want everyone to know that she is a loving dog and I want to show that if you raise a dog right, they will grow up to be loving companions no matter what their breed is.
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My Puppy

by Sierra101 on 2/28/2009 at 12:57 PM in First Post

I love my puppy mia. She is a great dog and she is very smart. Her and the cat dn't get alng but, they will soon hopefully.
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