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I am thinking of breeding my two girls in the next year as my dad is getting a male chihuahua. I have got potential homes for all the pups that are not even here yet. I want to know if anyone has any tips or advice for me. I do only plan on letting each girl have only one litter as all the dogs will get fixed after. I will only breed them if the male is of good health and a small size to.

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Hi Our Vet told us,Chihuahuas should only be breed after age 2 years old and never if they weigh under 5lbs. The male,also should always be smaller then the female as this makes it easier for her to birth. Know that chihuahuas are notorious for having difficult birthing's. If You do decide to breed them,please have your vet on speed dial and be prepared for any emergencies during labor and birth. Good luck and keep us posted. Laura and her Pack
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Thanks for the advice. We live less than a mile from the vet so it is a short trip if needed. We are not going to breed the smaller one due to her small size. Her sister is just big enough. She will not be bred until spring though when she is about 2 1/2 years old.

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