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New [grown] dog

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I just inherited a 6 year old chihuahua from my husband's parents, and she acts like she's never been housebroken! I'm sure she was, and I think this may be her way of trying to adjust, but it's been a month or two and she's not making progress! Any way to train an old dog?

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She may never have been taught to potty outsied. I havetow Chi's and they are both paper trained. They will go on their paper but will not ask to go out ever. They have no problem going outside if I take the but otherwise on the go on their puppy pads. You can train her though to go the same way you would for a puppy by keeping her on a regular schedule of feeding and going out. Keep her in your sight and try to catch mistakes before they happen. It will atke time but it will happen.

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