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Purebred Dog Blogs

Purebred Dog Blogs

Purebred Dog Blogs

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New Additions!!!!

by ACDnAPBTmomma on 2/24/2010 at 2:19 PM in Best Post

Well, my ACD had her puppies on February 16th 2010. The first one was born at 821pm and the last one was born at 1208am. They are 1/2 ACD 1/2 APBT. They already have names. The two males are Gibbous (because his eye patch looks like a 3/4 moon) and Suez (Zeus spelled backwards; 1st born). The females have been named: Love (has a perfect heart spot between eye and ear; last born), Patchie (only has a small black patch near her eye), Faith, Sage and Hope. Faith, Sage and Hope all look alike. Right now they are 9 days old and white with a very faint hint of blue color. All have blue coloring on their paws. I believe that they will be faint blue color if not dark blue (like a true blue ACD).
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Join us At Sunflower Market 4 Cones For A Cause!

by SinCityTreats on 10/15/2009 at 8:55 PM in Best Post

We will be at the Sunflower Market On Rainbow/Flamingo with them supporting Breast cancer awareness.
Dryers ice cream cones for you and Our "IScream 4 a Cure"
dog cones! All profits go to breast cancer Awareness!
Oct. 23rd noon-4 pm. We will have a raffle for a Birthday Pawrty for your pup! Guess the Bonez & More fun than you can bark at!
Hope to see all you Vegas Pups there!
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