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Saint Bernard Testimonials

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Saint Bernards are not for everyone. They get extremely big. They weight anywhere from 150-200 or more pounds depending on the build and bone structure of the dogs. They need a lot of exercise and grooming. There is no such thing as a dry mouth saint. They do drool and slobber. We have four and always have a towel handy. They are very devoted, loyal and loving dogs. They need a lot of training because they should not jump. They can knock someone over or could hurt a child. They are to big to be played rough with. They are extremely strong. Some saints do weight pulls and can pull over two thousand pounds. There are short and long hair saints. We have both. They both shed terribly, but the short hairs are worse. I know I've pointed out a lot of negatives, but too many end up in pounds and shelters. They are adorable little fur balls as puppies, but they do grow up. This is where people can't afford to feed or house them due to there size. They are wonderful dogs, just not for everybody.
Posted: 10/12/2008 7:16:12 PM by BAB1067

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