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Romeo's Bio

joined 12/29/2009

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Romeo the Fawn & White Male Boxer / Stands 27 inches tall / Weighs 75 lbs / Born 4/23/2006 in lancaster, pa / Lives with lish529 in philadelphia, PA (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
funny face, snuggle puppy, smushy face, Rome
Came From
smart, loviing, obedient, protective, silly
Favorite Toy
cuz balls
Favorite Hobby
catching balls or frizbees
Favorite Food
pizza crust
Favorite Treat
marrow bones
Favorite Trick
catching balls in mid air
Favorite Place To Sleep
on my legs
Favorite Place To Play
the yard
Favorite Place To Walk
the neighborhood
snuggling, playing ball and frizbee, playing with Monty
baths, strangers
Romeo's Story & Details
Our family dog, "Chance" was a boxer and the most kind and gentle dog I had ever known. When he was getting up in age, I decided to get a boxer of my own, "Romeo". When Chance died, having Romeo made his passing a little easier to bear. Romoe is the smartest, most handsome, cuddliest dog there is. He can sometimes be a little over protective with strangers, but once he gets to know them, he is a big sweetie. He is my love!

Romeo's Puppy Pad

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