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Onida's Bio

joined 6/3/2010

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German Shepherd Dog
Onida the White & Apricot Male German Shepherd Dog / Stands 22 inches tall / Weighs 70 lbs / Born 8/7/2007 in ?? / Lives with Banana in Beaufort, NC (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Rambunctious!! Always ready to play. "Dominate" Male Dog in our home
Favorite Toy
Anything that squeaks
Favorite Hobby
Playing "Fetch"
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Peanut flavored biscuits
Favorite Trick
"Shake"...While "rolling over"....he thinks hes the center of attention
Favorite Place To Sleep
My computer chair!!
Favorite Place To Play
Everywhere-we have 8.5 acres.....they love to run....
Favorite Place To Walk
Anywhere the kids go-
Onida's Story & Details
My husband and I adopted/rescued Onida May 2008. We had just moved into a larger house and were talking about getting a puppy.
He wanted a lab, so I started looking online at the nearby shelters, and the very first picture that popped up was of Onida!!(Growing up I had a white german shepard wolf mix that had to be put down, I never wanted another dog.) And he looks almost Identical to her(Ivory). I had to have him...I couldn't believe How I stumbled upon him. We went that day and brought him home. We found out he had separation anxiety, would follow me constantly and tear the house up when we left. -after a lot of working and patience, he no longer has those issues.-
Onida is indian-meaning "the one searched for"...And I finally found Him!!

Onida's Puppy Pad

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