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Buddy's Bio

joined 6/1/2011

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Jack Russell Terrier
Buddy the White Black & Brown Male Jack Russell Terrier / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 16 lbs / Born 7/14/2003 in Ruskin, Florida / Lives with tlzinzow in Tarpon Springs, FL (United States)


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Buddy Bean, Buddy Boo, Buddy Love,
Came From
Amazing. He is active & fun. Protective of home & his mommy. Loves his Dad & rides in the truck. He loves to camp, boat, chase lizards, & Squirrels
Favorite Toy
He loves his stuffed mickey mouse (to sleep with). He loves to play catch w/ his little monster, he likes his Giant tiger & a empty water bottle.
Favorite Hobby
Truck rides, Camping, hunting squirrels & Lizards.
Favorite Food
Home-made doggy food that his mommy makes with vegetables, beef, chicken, oat, barley and vitamins.
Favorite Treat
Peanutbutter doggy bisquit.
Favorite Trick
He likes to clap and play dead when you pretend shoot him.
Favorite Place To Sleep
In bed with mommy and daddy or on the top of the couch pillow.
Favorite Place To Play
At the dog park.
Favorite Place To Walk
Through the woods or at the beach.
Long truck rides, his early morning walks through the woods with daddy. Racing the big dogs at the dog park.
Cats, vegetables (they have to be ground into his food).
Buddy's Story & Details
Buddy was rescued from CARE (no kill shelter) in Ruskin Florida. I said a prayer to find a little dog in a shelter and was searching online. Buddy had been adopted and brought back 4 times because he was Crazy hyper. I went down and walked him and he dragged me around the kennel. My husband said, "are you sure you want him." I said, "Yup". We took him home and boy did he need training, love and attention. He is AMAZING & we could not have asked for a better dog.

Buddy's Puppy Pad

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