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Spot's Bio

joined 1/10/2012

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American Staffordshire Terrier
Spot the Fawn & White Female American Staffordshire Terrier / Stands Over 35 inches tall / Weighs 60 lbs / Born 4/15/2008 in Anchorage, AK / Lives with Xninasaurusrex in Elmendorf AFB, AK (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Spotty Dotty
Came From
Sometimes, she's just as dumb as a doornail, but is hyper and always wants to play and NEVER gets tired!
Favorite Toy
Anything you can throw and she can go fetch!
Favorite Hobby
Chewing up stuffed animals leaving fluff all over the floor.
Favorite Food
Chicken or cheese.
Favorite Treat
Beggin Strips!
Favorite Trick
If giving me the dramatic eyes is a trick, than thats it!
Favorite Place To Sleep
Right at the foot of our bed.
Favorite Place To Play
Just wants to run and play catch!
Favorite Place To Walk
Anywhere I take her, she loves!
Running, playing catch, chewing on every toy we buy, trying to steal my food
Being bored and having no one to play with.
Spot's Story & Details
After getting Rocky (our Chorkie), my husband decided he wanted a dog that wanted to rough house, a big dog. So after looking for a couple days on Craigslist, there she was. She was ADORABLE. I contacted the guy and he said they were moving to another military base and they banned Pit Bulls. Now, I was raised thinking Pit Bulls were bad and terrifying but I was willing to give her a shot. We went to meet with them, and took Rocky, to see if we could be a good fit. Brandon fell in love with her, and to my surprise, she was as loving as could be! I could never imagine why so many people could hate on a breed if they just had a chance to meet her. So we said we'd take her. As the family said their goodbyes, everyone cried, the Dad, Mom and the two kids. But they were happy knowing she was going into a very loving home. She's changed my mind about the breed, and really made me into an activist for "Judge the deed, not the breed", because she is the sweetest dog ever and wouldn't hurt a fly. Even though Spot is more of a common boy name, it just fit her. So we kept it, and Spotty Dotty is the name I call her all the time, so it keeps the girl in her. :)

Spot's Puppy Pad

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