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Discussions > General Topics > General Discussions > Is AKC the only recongized kennel club these days?

Is AKC the only recongized kennel club these days?

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I've thinking of buying a teacup yorkie. I've just found out that she is not AKC registered. I believe she may be "American Dog Club" registered. I am not absolutely certain, but I remember there were approximately six registration categories at this kennel and mine started with an "A", but it was not AKC, so I'm assuming it was ADC. Is this acceptable given the $2,000 they are charging for the dog? Years ago, my mother bred collies and my mother told me they had to be AKC in order for them to have significant dollar value and be considered a pure breed. The kennel I am purchasing the teacup yorkie from says that AKC only registration status is a thing of the past and there are now several kennel registries that signify a purebreed dog. I'd like to know I'm not spending an excessive amount of money on an animal that is not considered purebred. Any information or feedback posters can provide would be appreciated. A second question....what does it mean when they sell you the dog and they tell you they will not give you the registration papers until the dog has been spayed? Is this something I should be concerned about? I wasn't thinking of purchasing her for breeding purposes, but it would be nice to know I could if I wanted to considering the money I'm spending. Any insight on this issue would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance for and information you can supply.

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Hello brvid - I know there are plenty of other Registries out there. Actually there is a list on this site: // . They are not all created equal. Registries typically just keep track of lineages of dogs, some I have heard actually certify dogs against certain defects (ie: hip dysplasia, etc) but not many. Personally from the sounds of it I would do a little more research if possible about this breeder. They may be withholding papers until she is spayed to help keep people from becoming backyard breeders and contributing to the over population issue but there may be another reason. I have heard that many breeders will require you to sign something that says you will not breed your dog so this may be their way of enforcing that. Not sure if this helps or of luck!
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I appreciate the info. I'm still trying to figure out if AKC holds the special meaning it used to. Any additional information from anyone would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
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AKC is still the best registry out there. Many breeders do not want to go through AKC as they do home checks and they may be hiding something.It is also possible that this breeder has lost their AKC priviledges for some reason. Many stay away from AKC due to the cost. Anyone can start a registry, but I would only consider an AKC registry for my own pet if you are paying the price you stated. As far as the spay/neuter contract, most breeders practice witholding papers until the spay/neuter has been done. With so many designer breeds out there, people buy limited registration and breed anyway. If you are buying a pet, most likely that dog is pet quality and not meant to be bred. Breeders only sell the very best of their lines for breeding stock. Many breeders only sell pets, period. 2,000.00 sounds like quite a bit to pay for a Yorkie that is not AKC. You might want to shop around a bit.

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