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 Location:Orting, WA (United States)

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Age:15 years 4 months 16 days

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Is AKC the only recongized kennel club these days?

AKC is still the best registry out there. Many breeders do not want to go through AKC as they do home checks and they may be hiding something.It is also possible that this breeder has lost their AKC priviledges for some reason. Many stay away from AKC due to the cost. Anyone can start a registry, but I would only consider an AKC registry for my own pet if you are paying the price you stated. As far as the spay/neuter contract, most breeders practice witholding papers until the spay/neuter has been done. With so many designer breeds out there, people buy limited registration and breed anyway. If you are buying a pet, most likely that dog is pet quality and not meant to be bred. Breeders only sell the very best of their lines for breeding stock. Many breeders only sell pets, period. 2,000.00 sounds like quite a bit to pay for a Yorkie that is not AKC. You might want to shop around a bit.

Is AKC the only recongized kennel club these days? | General Discussions

Posted: 3/30/2011 3:22:42 PM

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