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 Location:rockford, IL (United States)

Purebred Dogs

Name:jewelzView My Bio
Breed:American Pit Bull TerrierView My Gallery
Age:16 years 1 month 30 days
Name:joeView My Bio
Breed:American Pit Bull TerrierView My Gallery
Age:14 years 10 months 20 days
Name:zuesView My Bio
Breed:BulldogView My Gallery
Age:15 years 6 months 24 days

Owner Testimonials

American Pit Bull Terrier

hi i am maranda and im 14 and i have a female american pitbull terrier named jewelz. she has been bred once and is going to be fixed. In her last litter of pups she had 9 pups 6 boys and 3 girls. she has been trained to gaurd the house but has never attacked or went after any one she just barks. she goes to dog parks, petsmart, and walks on the river. She is a great dog out in public. she is also great with other dogs. i know because we have a male english bulldog named zues and a male american pitbull named joe who infact is one of the 6 male pups that she had that we kept. she stays in our yard. And she knows many tricks sit,stay,jump.laydown,rollover,fetch,highfive,shake and many others. she is also a good dog with kids i have 2 brothers devin and austin and 2 sisters kristen and brandi one of my sisters has downsyndrome and she is especialy great with her. i have had many american pitbulls and she is the best one ive ever had.

Posted: 6/9/2009 6:35:44 AM by cheezer
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